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This page has been set up as a resource for further information.

Because responsible horse ownership must also include knowledge of basic needs for safety, exercise, companionship and nutrition, I have included those links first and encourage you to explore them.

Basic Care

Equiculture - Responsible Horse Care

All Natural Horse Care

Paddock Paradise

Vital Signs
How to take your horse's Vital Signs

"Thereís no secret to making horses happy athletes if you respect their natural needs and abilities. Itís your responsibility and obligation as a rider to fulfill all the needs of your horse to make him content. In this way, he is able to pay attention to your requests. If you get him to the point where he is delighted when he is good, then you will experience the elevating feeling of being in complete unison. Itís possible. So be good to your horse and that will lead to success."   Uta Gršf
Behavioral Science Resources

Susan Friedman - Behaviorist
Behavior+ Works
Dr. Susan Friedman is a psychology professor at Utah State University who has pioneered the application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to captive and companion animals.

A wonderful site packed with good training information. Their mission is to give another perspective about behaviour and how we can have a positive effect on the animals we work with.

Karen Pryor
Karen Pryor is a behavioral biologist, a pioneering dolphin trainer, and an authority on applied operant conditioning ó the art and science of changing behavior with positive reinforcement.

Wild Equus Network
Ethology and horses.

"Thereís no internal badness in dogs [horses] that we humans have to break or dominate. Dogs, [horses] like all other learners are naturally (meaning itís in their nature) built to discover the easiest right choices for behavior, and to act on them. In fact, even ďbadĒ behavior is at the time the perceived right choice for the dog [horse] . Our job as teachers is simply to clear the path, make the choices we prefer more obvious, and reinforce those correct choices joyfully."   Michael Baugh
Reinforcement Based Horse Trainers

Alexander Kurland

Shawna Karrasch

Katie Bartlett

Peggy Hogan

Rebecca (Bex) Tasker

"If riders want to understand the language of horses, we need to stop seeing our horses in our own worst image (lazy or distracted) and begin a conversation where we listen more openly, more honestly. Itís much too simplistic to lump everything a horse does into either dominant or submissive behavior. Herd life has much more nuance than that. As social animals, they work to get along, encouraging others to cooperate."   Anna Blake
Online Instruction

Alexander Kurland
As well as a wealth of information on Alex Kurland's website, she now has this online course.

Academic Art of Riding with Bent Branderup

Bent Branderup offers you the opportunity to gain an inside into his daily working routines and his way of educating a horse. These videos will show you different levels of education of the horse. Important: His instructional videos are packed with clear detail however they are for online viewing only through the internet - available to view as often as you like through his homepage. The videos are not available in DVD format.

You And Your Horse by Babette Teschen and Tania Konnerth

Excellent website with videos covering many areas of horse training and caretaking. Fantastic value!


Donít Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor.
This is a must read for anyone interested in clicker training. It explains beautifully the basics of operant and classical conditioning.

Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor.
Another great read by Karen Pryor who is a particularly good writer. More good stuff on the basics of clicker training.

On My Mind: Reflections on Animal Behavior and Learning by Karen Pryor.
Another great read by Karen Pryor.

Alexandra Kurland - Book Store
An excellent introduction and beyond for using the clicker with horses.

Teaching Horses with Positive Reinforcement: A Guide to Achieving Success with Clicker Training Kindle and Paperback by Katherine Bartlett

I think this might be the most comprehensive book available on clicker training your horse. It brings together the latest and best thinking from all the top teachers of clicker training. Katherine Bartlett has done an incredible job laying out a basic path to understanding both why we clicker train and how we do it. Higly recommended to both those new to clicker training and those more experienced.

"There is a common thread throughout the history of riding: Equestrian Art has progressed every time it has substituted intelligence for force - abolishing instruments of coercion and simplifying material resources, searching for causes instead of focusing on their effects, getting ever closer to identifying the deep-rooted nature of the horse"   Philippe Karl